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Car Port Fully Involved in Rossmore
Sunday, April 8, 2012 
Return from a call on Sunday, April 8th, Station 51, along with Stations 23 and 57 were dispatched for a car port fire in Rossmore. Immediately calling in service Engine 51-3 (Lt. A. Zdrodowski) and Rescue 51-4 (A/O R. Siemon) were advised of heavy black smoke producing a column in the distance of other responding units. Engine 51-3 was responding and could see a well formed column of smoke from miles away. Ladder 23-8 arrived on location and reported a fully involved car port next to a residence with possible live electrical wires on the ground.

Engine 23-5 arrived and was advised to hit the hydrant on the corner and feed 23-8. Ladder 23-8 had put in service a 2 1/2 inch CAFS and a 1 3/4 inch CAFS preconnect to opposing sides of the structure and began suppression. Tower 57-1 and Engine 51-3 arrived at the same time and reported to command.

Orders for 51-3 were to search division two of the adjacent residence and evacuate any residence inside. Once complete, 51-3's crew was split in half to put another line in service for suppression and to relieve crews, already exhausted, on the 2 1/2 inch CAFS line. The fire was placed under control and overhaul of the collapsed car port began. Six vehicles were destroyed as well as several others sustaining damage from the radiant heat.

The fire is under investigation, jointly, by Fire Prevention District #1 and District #3.