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Quick Stop Saves Repair Shop
   Working Fire
Thursday, July 5, 2012 17:37
As temperatures were nearing the 100 degree mark, Stations 51, Station 23A & 23B, and 57 were soaring to new heights with a quick stop at a local repair shop.

With members already in station, Station 51 was dispatched for a car fire at the gas station on Spotswood-Englishtown Road. Immediately calling in service, Engine 51-3 (Capt. F. Steinhauser) pulled onto the road and noticed a very pecular sight. In front of him towering into the evening sky was a thick black column of smoke eminating from 293 Spotswood-Englishtown Road and definitely was not at the gas station as initially dispatched. Pulling on location, Captain Steinhauser reported a fully involved van with extention to the building it was up against and called for a full box to the scene for a working structure fire.

Chief 51 (A. Costa) arrived on location and assumed command and Deputy 51 (L. Pipero) assumed operations and put in service an inch and three-quarter handline and began suppression from 51-3. Squad 51 (A/O A. Perez) arrived on location and was ordered to establish a water supply on the adjacent corner and to pull an additional two inch CAFS line to the structure and assist in suppression efforts. Ladder 51 (A/O R. Perry Sr.) arrived and set up for ventilation which proved to be not needed as both handlines swiftly and successfully extinguished the fire. Within 10 minutes all visible fire had been knocked down from the van and inside the structure.

More units began to arrived as 23-5 assumed the responsibility of RIC team as a precaution. Tower 57 and Ladder 23-8 assisted the already exhausted crews with salvage and overhaul. Due to the soaring temperatures and rising humidity, Command also had respond in to the scene Spotswood Fire Department, Jamesburg Fire Department, and East Brunswick Independent Fire Company. Monroe EMS ensured all fire personel operating on scene was well hydrated and cool.

In just under two hours, Station 51 and all of its mutual aid companies cleared up and returned back to their respective stations, taking in some much needed A/C.

The fire remains under investigation by the Monroe Township Fire District #1 Fire Prevention Bureau.

Units on location: Engine 51-3 (Capt. F. Steinhauser), Squad 51-2 (A/O A. Perez), Ladder 51-1 (A/O R. Perry, Sr.), Rescue 51-4 (A/O J. Mizrahi), Special Services 51-10 (LT. A. Zdrodowski), Engine 23-5, Ladder 23-8, Tower 57-1, Spotswood 71-4, Jamesburg FD, & EB Independent Fire Company.