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Hurricane Sandy Ousted by Monroe Fire Dist. #1
Monday, October 29, 2012 
Station 51 along with all of the state of New Jersey weathered the worst of what Hurricane Sandy brought. Though a rare and powerful hurricane coming through with damaging winds and heavy rains; Station 51 was well prepared and on the top of their game.

The men and woman left their homes and families for hours on end to answer call after call through night and day for all that were in need. For nearly 6 straight days, an in-station crew responded to nearly 100 call varying from working structure fires, CO emergencies, and numerous down trees and power lines.

Learning from what Tropical Storm Irene brought a year ago, Station 51 was prepared for the worst. Days prior to the storms arrival, officers prepped specialized water rescue equipment and trained with firefighters for what might be around the corner. Nearly a third of the volunteer department is swift water rescue trained and armed with the dedication and confidence to help anybody in need.

Days later with the township of Monroe still wounded from Hurricane Sandy. The members of Station 51 continued their in-house stand by and responded to more calls for help in the middle of an early November nor'ester. Though the snow may have been nice, the ice underneath was the culprit. Calls for transformers blowing out, more downed trees and power lines prompted responses to various developments in the primary response area.

As the members of District #1 have shown though this major disaster; no matter what mother nature brings, failure is never an option.